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Cheese Spreads


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  1. Beer Cheese Spread

    A spreadable blend of premium cheddar and Pale Ale plus a spicy horseradish kick
  2. Creamery Reserve Buffalo Blue

    Spicy buffalo wing meets cool blue cheese in a smooth & creamy spreadable cheese
  3. Creamery Reserve Cheddar

    You can't go wrong with a classic like our creamy original reserve cheddar
  4. Creamery Reserve Spicy Tomato

    Turn up the heat with this spreadable blend of cheddar, jalapenos & tomatoes
  5. Pretzel Dip

    Award-winning blend of NY State Cheddar & mustard to create a creamy, smooth dip
  6. Garlic & Herb Square

    A delicious, spreadable blend of mild cheddar mixed with garlic & savory herbs
  7. Port Wine Square

    Award-winning Port Wine cheese spread known for its bold flavor & smooth texture
  8. Creamery Reserve Variety Pack

    Variety box of 4 Creamery Reserves spreads: Cheddar, Buffalo Blue, Spicy Tomato
  9. Pretzel Dip - Pack of 4

    4-8oz cups of NY State cheddar mixed with mustard to create a creamy pretzel dip
  10. Cabernet Spread With Villa Verona Vineyards

    Cabernet Spread With Villa Verona Vineyards

    Cheddar cheese blended with Cabernet Sauvignon from local winery Villa Verona.


Items 1 to 10 of 17 total

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  2. 2