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  1. Rockerbox Spices & Herbs - 2 oz. Jar

    Handmade from wholesome ingredients. Choose from a variety of flavors.
  2. Rockerbox Spices & Herbs - 4 oz. Jar

    Rockerbox Spices & Herbs - 4 oz. Jar
  3. Woeber's Reserve Mustard

    Woeber's Reserve Mustard. Choose from 3 flavors.
  4. Trappist Preserves

    Made at St. Joseph's Abbey, choose from Seedless Raspberry or Strawberry.
  5. Sleepy Beer Honey

    Harvested from the foothills of the Adirondacks, a sweet complement to cheddar!
  6. SYRACHA'CUSE Gourmet Hot Sauce

    Add some spice! Choose from Smoked Jalapeno, Maple Garlic & Syracuse Habanero.
  7. Dutch Hill Maple Syrup Pint

    Pint of high quality maple syrup produced in Central New York.
  8. Box of Water Crackers

    Single box of water crackers, the perfect base to any of our specialty cheeses


8 Item(s)